Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Basement Egress Windows

I recently completed an inspection on a local basement home where the homeowner had real concerns about the possibility of a "fire escape" for his children, all of which had bedrooms in the basement. Even in a walk-out basement there can be a real need for additional exits and egress to the outside. Anyone locked in a basement during a fire or other disaster face situations that could be resolved by installing proper basement escape windows, accesses, and egress wells.

Most basements have an inherent danger with regards to this anyway, due to the fact that furnaces, water heaters, and many wiring hazards exist already in a closed off basement. In many instances, it is or would be nearly impossible to make a quick exit to the stairs to escape. The stairs may also be on the other end of the home and you may have to pass by the fire source just to get to them. Basement Egress Windows or sometimes even proper area wells and operating basement windows can resolve this situation.

We here @ American Basement Solutions have looked at all of these situations and we can provide many solutions to giving you what your "peace of mind" desires. Sometimes we can achieve your goals simply by installing a larger operating basement slider window. If you have the exterior ground height, we can possibly even install a double hung window with tilt to the inside features. Other cases may require digging, and installation of a complete egress system on the outside. Our basement window systems vary from the very simple to the most complex depending on your needs, desires, and budget.

Another consistent problem is that builders installed only the cheapest basement casement windows. After a few years they rust, stick, and are inoperable, let alone the fact that they won't allow a normal sized child, much less an adult to pass through them. Many companies have even arisen that just install "glass block" in them. Glass Block does have the advantage of light transmission and durability, but Glass Block is dangerous in that there is no ventilation possible, and you totally shut off any possibility of escape.

All of these factors and more are why we have been and continue to be the "innovators" in assessing each basement window need and solving them. Call ABS today 1-877-409-2837 or SIGN UP ONLINE for a FREE ESTIMATE to learn more about our basement window and basement egress systems - We have the solutions.

Thanks for listening to the rambling thoughts of a basement inspector,
Larry Ralph Sr.


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  1. Very interesting article!

    I do not know how the building regulations work with in the US but in the UK you would not be able to create such a room without a method of having a fire escape.


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