Monday, August 10, 2015

Musty Basement During Summer? Basement Waterproofing Is Your Answer

During summer, some homeowners would hate going down to their basements due the damp and musty air. This dampness is often caused by water condensation against cool surfaces, which your basement walls usually are. During hot summer days, the cooler temperature in your basement attract more vapor, since the air outside, or above ground is too warm. The simple thing that you need to remember is that the cooler that temperature of your basement is, the worse condensation will be. This problem is also more likely to occur after summer rains, wherein the water in the ground could likewise enter your walls in the form of vapor.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Basement Bathroom Remodeling: On Mold Remediation and Waterproofing

What better way to maximize that extra space in your basement than to build your own luxury bathroom and spa complete with a hot tub? You can spend your time in here away from the noise and just enjoy the warm water as it washes your stress away. Building a basement bathroom, however, requires certain precautions and careful planning, since the basement itself is a common spot for mold growth—factor in the extra plumbing for your basement bathroom and you’ll have a recipe for mold infestation if components are not installed properly. To create a luxurious and mold-free basement bathroom, make sure that you follow these procedures recommended by article from when it comes to dealing with a damp, musty basement.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Healthy or Risky: Does Your In-Home Sauna Require Mold Remediation?

In-home saunas are starting to gain more popularity, especially among locales in the United States that have modest to severe winter weather. Saunas, as they claim, are effective in removing toxins in the body, prevent circulation problems, and relieve arthritic pain. While most gyms offer access to saunas as part of their membership packages, a shared sauna may not sound like an appealing option for many. Imagine getting the benefits that regular sauna visits offer, but at the privacy of your own home. It is important to note, however, that sauna rooms create heat and a lot of humidity—the perfect ingredients for mold growth. While heat and sweating do provide certain health benefits, mold on the other hand can lead to health conditions. So is it really a good idea to install a home sauna in your basement or elsewhere, despite the risk of mold growth?

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Seek Help from a Foundation Repair Contractor for Horizontal Cracks

Damages to a structure’s foundation usually start off small and are barely noticeable, but the harsh nature of environmental conditions can eventually cause the foundation’s material to erode. These include horizontal cracks, which over time, may contribute to structural deterioration and instability, an article in the Basement Troubleshooting Guide claims. You will need to hire Indianapolis contractors who know foundation repair like American Basement Solutions if you notice significant gaps or flaws in your home’s base and exterior.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

3Protect the Underground Garage via Basement Waterproofing Services

Some of the more avant-garde houses nowadays will actually have practical stylistic flair by designing the garage to be more or less below ground level. In the most extreme cases, you may even be imagining the spacious garage at Tony Stark’s house in Iron Man with the curved access ramp sloping upwards. Still, while underground or even basement garages are highly engineered, circumstances may result in occasional leaks that must be addressed right away, as Jeff Beneke wrote for The automotive culture in Indianapolis can influence homeowners to invest in a couple or even a fleet of vehicles and then have a garage built to store their valuable cars. A casual pass by some houses can tell you that their garage is out back and below because the driveway snakes around the house. More often than not, safety and maintenance issues with cars extend right under such a house in the underground garage, thus a need for basement waterproofing professionals such as those from American Ba

Friday, July 31, 2015

Signs that You Need a Dehumidifier in Your Home

Basements can be dark, damp, and moldy. If you’re living in a home with a dehumidifier, you probably know that dehumidifiers remove moisture from air, improving the usefulness of basements by controlling dampness.

For many health reasons, it is important to maintain a proper humidity level in your house with a dehumidifier. Although some homes may have moisture problems only at a certain time of the year, other people need help to control moisture levels year-round.

Here are 5 reasons why you should have a dehumidifier:

  • Window and glass door condensation – a build-up of moisture on a window sill can eventually make wooden casings rot, and that wetness will allow mold to grow. 
  • Mold spots on ceiling or in corners of walls – because steam rises, bathroom and basement moisture problems are often observed on ceilings and up the corners of the walls. Note, though, that a dehumidifier will lessen the amount of moisture damage, but the case cannot be left with just that. 
  • Musty smell – anytime there is a musty smell, there’s mold somewhere and that’s not healthy for anyone. A dehumidifier can help with immediate moisture removal but you’ll have to investigate further. 
  • Recurring spring water dampness – if spring ground water has become a recurring problem, basement waterproofing is recommended while a dehumidifier helps in lessening the dampness. 
  • Water stain marks – waterproofing plays a big part in keeping the state of your house in pristine condition and preventing growth of mold. Having a dehumidifier in the basement prevent steam from rising up to walls and ceilings. 

If you encounter early signs of these problems, call the basement waterproofing experts at American Basement Solutions.

Stone Foundation: Call In Professionals to Inspect and Repair Leaks

A stone foundation is always one of the iconic features of an old home that’s worth a look—and worth preserving. It gives sentimental homeowners and nostalgic passerby’s alike a glimpse of history, to a time when home construction was simple yet innovative. Unfortunately, years of wear and tear can result in the foundation developing cracks and leaks that must be patched up as soon as they’re discovered. In a reader-feedback section for Fine Homebuilding magazine, Dr. Joseph Lstiburek said there are ways to deal with such a structural issue. Fixing up a stone foundation can be tough for residents of Indianapolis and Indiana in general. When you check some houses that have been standing for decades, you might see that they sport a smattering of stones as foundation with wads of concrete supporting them. If your house foundation is made of stones and has leaks, a company such as American Basement Solutions will be in the right position to help.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

How to Get Rid of Mold and Mildew and Prevent Them from Coming Back

Mold and mildew are often found in the bathroom of our houses. But there are other parts of the house where mold and mildew can spread and grow. Moisture is really a key in mold growth, along with warmth and darkness. So, essentially, the issue of mold growth in your home comes down to whether or not you have a moisture problem.

Here are the common reasons why mold grows in your house:

  • Leaking pipes 
  • Leaking roofs 
  • Glass/window condensation 
  • Poor ventilation 
  • Wet clothes 
  • Flooding 
  • Damp basement 

To kill and remove mold and mildew from your home, soda blasting with bicarbonate is recommended. Other cleanup tactics include scrubbing moldy surfaces and using non-harmful solutions like vinegar, using dehumidifiers, and letting air and sunlight in the house.

To prevent mold from coming back, follow these tips:

  • Prevent moisture 
  • Prevent water leaks 
  • Prevent condensatReduce humidity 
  • Allow sunlight in 

While most of these tips and techniques can be done as a do-it-yourself project, it is recommended that you get comprehensive inspection and professional (baking) soda blasting from American Basement Solutions.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Start Your Renovation with Basement Waterproofing In Indianapolis

If you’re using your basement merely as storage space, then you are wasting a good amount of space. According to Remodeling Magazine a basement renovation can get you back 70.3% of what you spent if ever you do decide to sell the house. Most basements are about 600 – 850 sq. feet—big enough space to set up a small but comfy guest area, a bar, a small bathroom or even additional bed arrangements for guests. A full basement about 1,500 sq. ft and above, meanwhile, is big enough to fit a full bedroom, a viewing/play room, a kitchen, a full bathroom, an indoor office, and even a work-out area. Investing in your basement is definitely a good way to create more space inside the house. The only problem most people fear is the idea of flooding, but a good Indianapolis basement waterproofing company like American Basement Solutions can easily fix this problem.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Indiana Mold Remediation Services: Getting Rid of Molds and Musty Odor

Have you experienced sitting down after a long day of cleaning and catch a musty odor in your house? The problem may not be the stains on your floor but something else. Here are a list of things that may acquire a foul or musty smell over time. When you find the source, make sure you get rid of it for good. Molds – Molds are often overlooked when doing routine house checks for tidying. Check for molds in places that get wet easily like bathrooms and basements. Bathroom molds can be cleaned with hydrogen peroxide or baking soda. Basement molds are another thing; you need to call Indiana mold remediation experts such as American Basement Solutions to assess the problem. A simple mold growth in a corner requires an easy clean. Mold growth, however, could be a sign of water intrusion in the basement, and you may need waterproofing to eliminate the molds permanently.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Indianapolis Mold Remediation Experts Explains Health Risks of Mold

Those pesky molds do not just ruin your house, but can also make your family sick. People with mold allergies may experience sneezing, runny nose, coughing, various types of eye irritations such as watering, redness, and itchiness; skin irritation, and wheezing. Meanwhile people with compromised immune systems may suffer from chronic lung disease and infection. An example of the health risks brought about by molds is put to light in Fox 6’s report on one Tiffany Fields. She bought a house, and two weeks after she and her family moved in she started to experience headaches. One time, she turned off her air conditioner unit, and she immediately noticed a terrible smell. The source, she found out, was excessive mold in her new house, which was making her and her children sick.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Foundation Repair in Indianapolis: The Sagging Floors of Old Houses

If you’ve lived in a house for many years, chances are you could be familiar with creaking floors and sudden leanings to a side. This is often attributed to a sagging foundation that translates to floors in danger of puncture – and this needs adequate repair options before long. Old House Online contributor Steve Jordan says dealing with a sagging foundation should be done immediately. Sagging floors and foundations may be prevalent among a number of old homes in Indianapolis. Ask any true Indy resident about old houses in the city and they’d probably mention the 170-year-old James Ray Buscher House in Lockerbie Square, among others. Many abandoned houses in Old Northside go back decades, too. If your house has been around for years and the floors are starting to sag, you need a company like American Basement Solutions to conduct a thorough Indianapolis foundation repair job.