Thursday, July 16, 2015

How to Get Rid of Mold and Mildew and Prevent Them from Coming Back

Mold and mildew are often found in the bathroom of our houses. But there are other parts of the house where mold and mildew can spread and grow. Moisture is really a key in mold growth, along with warmth and darkness. So, essentially, the issue of mold growth in your home comes down to whether or not you have a moisture problem.

Here are the common reasons why mold grows in your house:

  • Leaking pipes 
  • Leaking roofs 
  • Glass/window condensation 
  • Poor ventilation 
  • Wet clothes 
  • Flooding 
  • Damp basement 

To kill and remove mold and mildew from your home, soda blasting with bicarbonate is recommended. Other cleanup tactics include scrubbing moldy surfaces and using non-harmful solutions like vinegar, using dehumidifiers, and letting air and sunlight in the house.

To prevent mold from coming back, follow these tips:

  • Prevent moisture 
  • Prevent water leaks 
  • Prevent condensatReduce humidity 
  • Allow sunlight in 

While most of these tips and techniques can be done as a do-it-yourself project, it is recommended that you get comprehensive inspection and professional (baking) soda blasting from American Basement Solutions.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Start Your Renovation with Basement Waterproofing In Indianapolis

If you’re using your basement merely as storage space, then you are wasting a good amount of space. According to Remodeling Magazine a basement renovation can get you back 70.3% of what you spent if ever you do decide to sell the house. Most basements are about 600 – 850 sq. feet—big enough space to set up a small but comfy guest area, a bar, a small bathroom or even additional bed arrangements for guests. A full basement about 1,500 sq. ft and above, meanwhile, is big enough to fit a full bedroom, a viewing/play room, a kitchen, a full bathroom, an indoor office, and even a work-out area. Investing in your basement is definitely a good way to create more space inside the house. The only problem most people fear is the idea of flooding, but a good Indianapolis basement waterproofing company like American Basement Solutions can easily fix this problem.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Indiana Mold Remediation Services: Getting Rid of Molds and Musty Odor

Have you experienced sitting down after a long day of cleaning and catch a musty odor in your house? The problem may not be the stains on your floor but something else. Here are a list of things that may acquire a foul or musty smell over time. When you find the source, make sure you get rid of it for good. Molds – Molds are often overlooked when doing routine house checks for tidying. Check for molds in places that get wet easily like bathrooms and basements. Bathroom molds can be cleaned with hydrogen peroxide or baking soda. Basement molds are another thing; you need to call Indiana mold remediation experts such as American Basement Solutions to assess the problem. A simple mold growth in a corner requires an easy clean. Mold growth, however, could be a sign of water intrusion in the basement, and you may need waterproofing to eliminate the molds permanently.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Indianapolis Mold Remediation Experts Explains Health Risks of Mold

Those pesky molds do not just ruin your house, but can also make your family sick. People with mold allergies may experience sneezing, runny nose, coughing, various types of eye irritations such as watering, redness, and itchiness; skin irritation, and wheezing. Meanwhile people with compromised immune systems may suffer from chronic lung disease and infection. An example of the health risks brought about by molds is put to light in Fox 6’s report on one Tiffany Fields. She bought a house, and two weeks after she and her family moved in she started to experience headaches. One time, she turned off her air conditioner unit, and she immediately noticed a terrible smell. The source, she found out, was excessive mold in her new house, which was making her and her children sick.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Foundation Repair in Indianapolis: The Sagging Floors of Old Houses

If you’ve lived in a house for many years, chances are you could be familiar with creaking floors and sudden leanings to a side. This is often attributed to a sagging foundation that translates to floors in danger of puncture – and this needs adequate repair options before long. Old House Online contributor Steve Jordan says dealing with a sagging foundation should be done immediately. Sagging floors and foundations may be prevalent among a number of old homes in Indianapolis. Ask any true Indy resident about old houses in the city and they’d probably mention the 170-year-old James Ray Buscher House in Lockerbie Square, among others. Many abandoned houses in Old Northside go back decades, too. If your house has been around for years and the floors are starting to sag, you need a company like American Basement Solutions to conduct a thorough Indianapolis foundation repair job.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Exterior Basement Waterproofing in Indianapolis for Better Protection

The cellar or basement is often seen as a damp dark place nobody wants to enter alone (thanks to numerous horror movies capitalizing on this). It’s also one of the places at home that could be hit the hardest in times of inclement weather, and that is scarier than any imaginary ghost. The walls and floor of the basement must, therefore, be sealed tight to avoid any leaks or flooding. Indiana often experiences moderately long episodes of clear weather but thunderstorms could strike from time to time. When your property’s foundation is in serious need of protection from the elements, experts at basement waterproofing in Indianapolis like the team at American Basement Solutions can help you find the best option. Among the various techniques, external waterproofing emerges as the most effective, according to a HouseLogic article. With the summer weather, it’s the perfect time to implement external waterproofing since the technique is a grueling task.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Indianapolis Foundation Services Remove Molds and Keep Your Home Safe

Molds are a clear and present danger in every household due to the numerous problems they can cause. The problem may even be compounded when the molds grow in your basement or the foundation, thus requiring immediate action. An article by Paul Muschick of The Morning Call in Allentown, PA, highlighted such an example, when a woman was forced to live somewhere else due to the smell of mold from an adjacent house. Homeownership among Indianapolis residents is already a thorny problem, especially if they were unaware that the house they bought has a mold infestation. A recent story in the Indy Star revealed that a married couple’s recently purchased dream house in Carmel, IN had black mold that home inspectors failed to see. If you are concerned about a house having a serious mold problem that could plague your loved ones, the solution may be found through Indianapolis foundation services such as those offered by American Basement Solutions.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Indianapolis Basement Waterproofing: Common Causes of a Wet Basement

"Among the many natural disasters that could strike your home and do serious damage is flood, which is also named as the number one disaster in America by the National Flood Insurance Program. What most people tend to oversee, however, is that aside from heavy rains and floods, there are other factors that can contribute to a wet basement. It’s important to keep your basement dry and flood-free, since not only will a wet basement be deemed unusable, it can also weaken your home’s foundation. That’s on top of your home becoming vulnerable to growth of mold and bacteria, posing serious hazards to your indoor air quality. In getting Indianapolis basement waterproofing services, it’s best to make yourself aware of other factors in your home that can lead to a wet basement.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Indiana Mold Removal: Surprising Places where Mold Secretly Thrives

Mold is one of the most common problems a homeowner faces in an almost regular basis, yet is the most difficult to pinpoint the cause. These often manifest once the damage has been done, usually in basements, behind drywalls, and the like. Before seeking the help of Indiana mold removal services, it helps to know first these surprising places where, unbeknownst to you, mold is already beginning to grow and thrive.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Signs of Foundation Damage

Having a concrete house where you can lie down and rest at the end of an exhausting day is such a blessing. There’s no place like home. That is why safety and security is essential in making sure that you leave your family safe and sound in a stable home. Neglecting proper inspection of its structure can lead to unforeseen dangers for you and your family.

Foundation damage often starts with small cracks and faults that grow over time. These are often caused by soil movements, high water pressure, seasonal floods and droughts and other natural disasters. A majority of homeowners prefer to buy DIY kits for repair. However, these materials do not last long and give a false perception of security.

Structural Damage Inspection

Having your home structure checked every once in a while is a duty you should never neglect. Keep an eye on parts of your house that are likely to fall or collapse. Take note of these top indications of a dwindling home foundation:

  • Uneven and tilted floors
  • Cracks in interior and exterior bricks and walls
  • Cracked or lose corner moldings
  • Bows in the walls
  • Cracks in floors
  • Doors and walls that do not open properly
  • Separation of bricks from window pane
  • Walls are separating from the house structure

If you recognize some of the damage manifestations mentioned, look for reliable foundation and structural floor repair experts to help you. Don’t let cracks break down your property. American Basement Solutions is the company to call. Ask them for tips in maintaining stable homes that will ensure shelter safety and they promise to not let you down.


Sunday, June 21, 2015

Indianapolis Mold Remediation: Understanding the Perils of Black Mold

The mere presence of mold is enough to wreak havoc inside your home, not only causing damage to your home’s walls and basement, but also posing a health risk to everyone in your family. Black mold is one of the common types of mold that can infest your home, serving as toxic health hazards upon exposure. With the help of Indianapolis mold remediation service providers, you can be assured that your home is free from the risks that stem from black mold.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Indianapolis Foundation Repair Services Can Set Your House Right Fast

"No matter what the reason, when major cracks appear in your walls and basement, you have no choice but to call for repairs. There are two main methods of basement foundation repair for Indianapolis homes: slabjacking and piering. Both are based on the idea of correcting the concrete slabs that often serve as a home’s foundations. First is slabjacking. It is most effective with small concrete slabs and involves pumping cement filling into well-placed holes in the cement slab. This raises and evens the cement slab into a stable shape. Afterwards, the cement is left to dry. These steps ensure that the foundation is repaired and have better support."