Thursday, March 12, 2009

Dryer Vent leaking in crawl space 2 years later!!!

Look at all that lint on the wall. I occasionally forget to empty the lint trap, but this is a bit much.

I estimated this home 2 years ago for repair. We recently received a call from the homeowner that they wanted to start the job and would like a new inspection because so much time had passed since the last one. I bid a crawlspace drainage and encapsulation system and some joist, sill plate, and band board replacement. In the estimate, I labeled some minor detail work we would do for free. One of those was for us to reconnect their dryer vent, which I would have reconnected while I was down there, but needed more tools than I had to do the job. Now this wasn't to replace their dryer vent connection, only to reconnect. Typically, this is a very simple procedure. 2 years later and this is what I saw:Some of you might be thinking, "So what". Well, every time the dryer drys a load of clothes with excessive heat, where do you think all the water that was soaking those clothes went? Most of you know already -- into the air of the crawlspace. You are pumping HOT, HUMID air into your crawl space whenever your dryer vent is disconnected. Mold needs a little over 60% humidity to reproduce spores and thrive in. What percent do you think this dryer vent is pumping out? This is just another reason why you should inspect your crawlspace periodically or at least call us to inspect your crawl space. Its a FREE INSPECTION if you are that scared to look in there. Call us @ 877-409-2837 or visit us at


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