Friday, March 13, 2009

Basement Sump Pump lasts 30 years and still pumping

From that title, you probably are thinking that I am going to boast about how our pumps are the best and have the longest life. WRONG. I ran a bid a couple of weeks ago for a homeowner that was in need of foundation wall anchors. Before we enter the basement, he describes how his basement flooded last year during the June 2008 flood that hit south central Indiana. I start describing our sump pump systems, mainly the TripleSump, with the thought that he would be interested. He said it wasn't his sump pump that failed him, but the fact that the whole town flooded and that no sump pump could pump water that was 2 feet deep outside his house. I agreed with that statement. He went on to tell me he will never replace his pump, in fear that the next one will not live up to the expectations of his current sump pump. I asked "what expectations"? He goes on to tell me that he moved in 32 years ago and his current sump pump was already in the home when he moved in. Here is a picture of the 32 + year old basement sump pump.

Now to be fair to us true basement waterproofers, this is not a submersible sump pump and in most cases would not last as long as this has. The pump has been rigged with a screen at the end of the pipe to prevent any silt and sediment from getting into the pump. The homeowner has been very diligent in maintaining the screens, check valves, pipes, clamps, and discharge outlet in the yard. I will not discredit this pump's performance, but I can't help but want to mock this setup in general. I am not going to; anything mechanical with an electric motor that runs as often as this pump has deserves its day in a blog. Both I and the homeowner were amazed at the fact that the seals in this pump have not broken down over the years. If you have a need for a pump that will outlast all others, give us a call @ 1-877-409-2837 or check out our pumps at
Once again, thanks for reading the rambling thoughts of a basement inspector.


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  1. nice post. If possible outside drainage may be beter also.


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