Monday, June 22, 2015

Signs of Foundation Damage

Having a concrete house where you can lie down and rest at the end of an exhausting day is such a blessing. There’s no place like home. That is why safety and security is essential in making sure that you leave your family safe and sound in a stable home. Neglecting proper inspection of its structure can lead to unforeseen dangers for you and your family.

Foundation damage often starts with small cracks and faults that grow over time. These are often caused by soil movements, high water pressure, seasonal floods and droughts and other natural disasters. A majority of homeowners prefer to buy DIY kits for repair. However, these materials do not last long and give a false perception of security.

Structural Damage Inspection

Having your home structure checked every once in a while is a duty you should never neglect. Keep an eye on parts of your house that are likely to fall or collapse. Take note of these top indications of a dwindling home foundation:

  • Uneven and tilted floors
  • Cracks in interior and exterior bricks and walls
  • Cracked or lose corner moldings
  • Bows in the walls
  • Cracks in floors
  • Doors and walls that do not open properly
  • Separation of bricks from window pane
  • Walls are separating from the house structure

If you recognize some of the damage manifestations mentioned, look for reliable foundation and structural floor repair experts to help you. Don’t let cracks break down your property. American Basement Solutions is the company to call. Ask them for tips in maintaining stable homes that will ensure shelter safety and they promise to not let you down.


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