Monday, December 7, 2009

How to fix and repair floor joist rot

Floor joist rot can occur in a basement, crawl space, or slab. Fixing, reinforcing, and repairing floor joists has been a specialty of American Basement Solutions for the past 20 years. Floor joists and sill plates play a vital role in the construction of your house. Wooden floor joists can be found running parallel to each other typically 16" on center along your house on top of the sill plates and center beams. Since the floor joist is made of wood, if they are exposed to water and moisture, they can rot or grow mold.
Popular Mechanics strongly urges that if the floor joists have rotted to a point at which they no longer provide adequate structural support, you should have them replaced. We can also repair or "sister" joists, meaning fastening another joist to the rotted one's side, but if you have a moisture problem in the area, this must be addressed first. The sister joist will eventually rot as well if the moisture source is not eliminated.

Floor joist repair can vary depending on the construction methods used. Typically, if the rot is on the ends of the joist, you can sister a new joist to the side of the old one. If there is mold growth on the old joist, it is recommended that the mold is remediated prior to the joist being sistered. If the joist has lost all of it's structural integrity throughout the joist, we can replace the entire floor joist.

Usually when we fix rotted floor joists, we come across rotted sill plates. In this instance, the joists would need to be replaced first allowing us the ability to lift on the new joist to remove and replace the sill plate.
No matter what type of construction method was used, American Basement Solutions can reinforce or replace wooden floor joists and address the moisture problem as well with our AmeriBrite crawl space encapsulation system.

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