Monday, May 4, 2009

EZ Breathe cannot pump water

I recently was on a call where I ran into an EZ Breathe Ventilation System in a crawlspace. This is not a review of that ventilation system. I just wanted to show the ignorance of installing this system without addressing the water problems occurring in the home.

I do not know who installed this EZ Breathe Ventilator in this crawlspace, but they did a poor job of securing the system, and completely did not address the real problem in the home. There were 2 sump pumps installed next to the system of which neither were operating due to installation error. These 2 sump pumps had no drainage installed to divert the water over to the sump pumps causing the entire crawlspace to back up with water until it poured over the top of the lid. The sump basins were not drilled with holes to allow water infiltration from the sides either. The sump basin in the bottom left hand corner had floated up out of the ground about 14 inches. The other sump pit was installed at an angle throwing the pump against the sidewall of the pit causing the float to stick and the pump to malfunction. They threw in a couple of pits, pumps, propped up a EZ Breathe and left. The entire crawlspace has flooded several times since their installation. You can see the "tub" ring of mud at different layers on the EZ Breathe system. There really was no point in installing this ventilation system UNTIL the water problem was addressed properly.

The purpose of writing this post is to warn homeowners of just a simple pump and EZ Breathe solution. If your crawlspace floods, you will need more than this "quick fix". I doubt this occurs all the time, but watch out for this type of solution. Give us a call 1-877-409-2837 or SIGN UP ONLINE for a permanent solution to a wet crawlspace.

Thanks for reading the rambling thoughts of a crawlspace inspector,
Larry Ralph Jr.


  1. This is not an easy job, it really requires an expert to handle this. That's why people in Texas never delve in DIY even in roofing Austin TX.

  2. Larry, I am running into a number of wet crawl spaces around here in Atlanta. Generally, I've recommended conventional solutions (fixing drainage, install sump pumps, and put in a crawl space ventilator). I have talked to a number of water proofing contractors, and they provide various exotic solutions, such as total encapsulation. I haven't run into the EZ Breathe system, but it sounds like something that would be part of what some of the waterproofing contractors provide around here.

    What do you think is the best way to fix crawl space wetness? Do you think total encapsulation is best? Or, do you go for some sort of ventilation system?


  3. Thats not an EZ Breathe its a Humidex

  4. EZ Breathe and Humidex are the same!
    Either will not find a building scientist that would suggest having either in your home. They are a massive energy waster. They suck conditioned air that you just paid to condition and blow it outside! It is common sense! In a crawl space or reverses the stack effect of a building envelope, pulls the hvac treated air out of your home and shoves it outside. This is moronic! Keep the air you have conditioned, whether you have heated it, or cooled it. If you have a moisture problem, dehumidify the air you have....don't replace it and pay to condition new air. Think about it!


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