Thursday, July 2, 2015

Start Your Renovation with Basement Waterproofing In Indianapolis

If you’re using your basement merely as storage space, then you are wasting a good amount of space. According to Remodeling Magazine a basement renovation can get you back 70.3% of what you spent if ever you do decide to sell the house. Most basements are about 600 – 850 sq. feet—big enough space to set up a small but comfy guest area, a bar, a small bathroom or even additional bed arrangements for guests. A full basement about 1,500 sq. ft and above, meanwhile, is big enough to fit a full bedroom, a viewing/play room, a kitchen, a full bathroom, an indoor office, and even a work-out area. Investing in your basement is definitely a good way to create more space inside the house. The only problem most people fear is the idea of flooding, but a good Indianapolis basement waterproofing company like American Basement Solutions can easily fix this problem.

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