Saturday, June 27, 2015

Indianapolis Foundation Services Remove Molds and Keep Your Home Safe

Molds are a clear and present danger in every household due to the numerous problems they can cause. The problem may even be compounded when the molds grow in your basement or the foundation, thus requiring immediate action. An article by Paul Muschick of The Morning Call in Allentown, PA, highlighted such an example, when a woman was forced to live somewhere else due to the smell of mold from an adjacent house. Homeownership among Indianapolis residents is already a thorny problem, especially if they were unaware that the house they bought has a mold infestation. A recent story in the Indy Star revealed that a married couple’s recently purchased dream house in Carmel, IN had black mold that home inspectors failed to see. If you are concerned about a house having a serious mold problem that could plague your loved ones, the solution may be found through Indianapolis foundation services such as those offered by American Basement Solutions.

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