Monday, June 29, 2015

Foundation Repair in Indianapolis: The Sagging Floors of Old Houses

If you’ve lived in a house for many years, chances are you could be familiar with creaking floors and sudden leanings to a side. This is often attributed to a sagging foundation that translates to floors in danger of puncture – and this needs adequate repair options before long. Old House Online contributor Steve Jordan says dealing with a sagging foundation should be done immediately. Sagging floors and foundations may be prevalent among a number of old homes in Indianapolis. Ask any true Indy resident about old houses in the city and they’d probably mention the 170-year-old James Ray Buscher House in Lockerbie Square, among others. Many abandoned houses in Old Northside go back decades, too. If your house has been around for years and the floors are starting to sag, you need a company like American Basement Solutions to conduct a thorough Indianapolis foundation repair job.

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