Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Haiti Earthquake North Coast Update

From Ebenezer Haiti Mission Blog

Becky spoke with Dad (Larry Sr) around 10:30 am. Everyone (staff at Ebenezer Haiti Mission, Haitian friends, Dad, and Linda is safe and unharmed. The connection on the phone was bad so the conversation was short. The compound did not sustain any major damage, but he did say there were cracks. Right now we are trying to figure out a way to get them out of the country, but he said he does not want to leave right away due to the emotional climate in St. Louis du Nord. The people of Haiti believe this to be the end of the world and in some ways it is that way for them. If anyone has connections with travel in and out of the Haiti or the DR, please contact me 317-403-6999 or Becky 317-966-6812. We are transferring money for relief of the Haitians in St. Louis du Nord and for travel out of the country. When Port au Prince shuts down, a major supply chain of food and supplies is shut off to the north coast. If you would like to donate, please call us.

Larry Ralph jr.
We received this email from DAD just an hour ago.

We are ok but the country is in shambles, I need you to western union money immediately. I am going to try and call you but all lines are down. Please tell everyone that we are ok. I will try to email you every day. We are going to try to get out thru the Dominican Rep if we cant leave PAP. Tell everyone to just pray for Haiti, it is terrible.Please keep checking your e=mail and forward this to whoever you think needs to know We Love You All-----DAD and LINDA

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