Monday, April 13, 2009

American Basement Solutions “gives back” to homeless in Indianapolis, IN

A team from American Basement Solutions spent their Saturday giving back to their community. We as a company have placed a high priority on our community outreach and giving. We have met many challenges in our international outreaches before and Saturday we focused on serving the homeless of Indianapolis, IN.

We passed out a truck load of food and toys that we purchased. Our morning started out as we left food, blankets, and pillows for several homeless men and women sleeping under a railroad overpass on Pine Street in Indy. Some were sleeping on cardboard and using their clothes for pillows. We met “David” a 53 year old man who grew up in Noblesville, Indiana, and had worked at a couple of factories his whole life. He now found himself sleeping on cardboard under a railroad trestle. We again realized how blessed we are here at ABS as we ministered to “David”. David quickly started eating the slim jims and food we left him. This was not a 3rd world country, where we are also sending teams, but this was Indianapolis, IN, just a few blocks from Conseco Field house, and Lucas Oil Stadium. We then left the homeless under the overpasses, and started ministering to the “nearly” homeless of Indy. Home after home in the Fountain Square area, we found many hurting, lonely people, who had no idea where their Easter Sunday meal was going to come from. We were able to leave them a complete food basket of ham, corn, potatoes, bread, and desserts as well. We also had placed toys and candy for Easter in the baskets. All of us that went were blessed much more immensely than we could have ever imagined. It truly is awesome to live in a country such as this, work with our hands in this business and make money to not only take care of our families, but help others as well. Many families helped today were in tears as we drove away and we would all have to say that Saturday was a great day. Over the years and with our association with Ebenezer Missions, we have sent teams to the countries of Haiti, Costa Rica, and beyond. We also have sent teams to work Hurricanes Andrew, Ivan, and Katrina. We here have been richly blessed and we even encourage our friends, associates, and clients to join us in these outreach endeavors. Call today to find out how to work and travel with us – even beyond basements and crawlspaces.

Larry Ralph Sr.


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